X-Zack Swing Trainer

The X-Zack Swing Trainer combines hitting fundamentals with core muscle building to provide the ultimate workout for becoming a “True Power Hitter”. In as little as 20 minutes a day you develop quick hands which produce bat speed, strength, and power at the plate.

This X-ZACK SWING TRAINER is designed to develop, condition, and strengthen muscle groups that promote a proper swing by imitating specific baseball, softball, and other sport movement patterns with balanced resistance.

The X-ZACK SWING TRAINER is simple and easy to use. Once it is properly connected to the equipment and to a fixed pole or fence it is ready to use. When you began to swing the bat or racket as you normally would, the resistance tubing will start to work the different muscle groups. This will promote muscle strength through conditioning of the muscle, and muscle memory that will increase bat speed.  This all takes place in the act of a normal swing with the X-ZACK SWING TRAINER resulting in power at the plate.

These are some of the muscle groups that are conditioned, strengthened, and developed:

The shoulder muscles (deltoids), back muscles, triceps, biceps, abdominal oblique, gluteus maximus, forearms, thighs, hamstrings, and others.

Our intended goal is to help athletes of all ages develop their skill set to become the best they can be.